“Business breakthroughs come from finding faster, cheaper, better, easier ways to perform a task”

Guided by this universal law, three visionaries joined hands to form a dynamic organization in 2000. Associated Pack-Tech Engineers was conceived, with an undying commitment to engineering excellence.

Excellence that enables superior workmanship.
Excellence that ensures product reliability.
Excellence that transforms into customer satisfaction.

Backed up by the dynamic leadership and efficient management the company has been growing at an enviable rate of over 100% since inception. Associated Pack-Tech Engineers has pioneered an uncompromising range of products for all types of Pharmaceuticals & packaging machines as well as Automatic Form, Fill & Seal Machines.

Whether it is Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Water Filtration Plant or Engineering, whatever the application, Associated Pack-Tech Engineers possesses the technical know-how and Sophisticated Equipments to provide tailor-made machines for specialized application.

At the modern manufacturing plant in Ahmedabad, all machines are assembled by trained employees and quality check points
have been set up for every crucial stage of manufacturing - from raw material inspection to final testing.

Quality after all is an art for others but a habit for Associated Pack-Tech Engineers.

Through its skilled and trained service engineers covering all major markets in the country, Associated Pack-Tech Engineers offers excellent post-sales support to its valued customers and ensures uninterrupted working of the machines.

Associated Pack-Tech Engineers continues to invest in and deploy the latest technology for creating superior products and as a consequence, it continues to enjoy the good will of an ever-growing list of customers.